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School Readiness

School Readiness. 
EYFS (2012) school readiness is described as giving a child a broad range of knowledge and skills which will enable future learning and development throughout their education and life. 
Banana Moon follows an inclusive approach of working alongside (partnership) with parents/carers to enable a positive transition from nursery to school with the family’s needs identified and met. 
Every child learns and develops at their own rate. As parents, it is important to remember your child will be school-ready at their own time/pace and your involvement/support will enable a positive experience. 
What does school readiness mean for my child? 
-          From age 4/5 your child is prepared to be separated from their parent/carer to attend nursery/school. 
-          Your child should show and demonstrate their listening/attention and follow instructions that are age-appropriate. 
-          Your child shows an interest in a variety of subjects/themes and show attention/participation towards subjects/activities. 
-          Your child should have a substantial range of vocabulary and language to express their thoughts, ideas, needs and feelings. 
-          Your child identifies themself as an individual. (Name, age, identity, home life and family members names). 
-          Your child interacts with peers/adults in an age-appropriate manner. 
-          Your child shares and interact with others. Your child is able to take responsibility for their actions and understand the repercussions of their actions. 
-          Your child shows an interest/focus on a subject/activity they are involved in. 
-          Your child asks questions about their experiences/environment through observation and discussion. 
-          Your child participates in the engagement of books and have a basic understanding of words and language. 
-          Your child responds to boundaries. 
-          Your child vocalises their individual needs. (Hungry, thirsty, illness and toilet). 
The above list is the outcome children are working towards before their transition to school. It is important children are toilet ready and Banana Moon will work alongside children and their families to achieve toilet readiness before school. 
Children who are slightly behind/struggling to meet the school readiness outcomes work alongside Banana Moon, the health visitor/children’s centre to implement intervention plans to support the child and their family for school readiness from toddlers/pre-school. 
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
Banana Moon follows the EYFS curriculum. The next steps encourage learning and development through an enabled environment. The staff work alongside external professionals for children who require further support in order to meet the goals for school readiness. 
Children, the parents/carers and the school are to be ready to support children during their transition (home/nursery to a school environment) which is structure-based. 
As Banana Moon follow the EYFS curriculum it has delivered a positive outcome. Children have settled exceptionally well into their school life with the required social/emotional skills to be school ready. We work alongside parents/carers to ensure what children are learning at nursery, they are also learning at home. The effective partnership and child-centred approach have enabled children to build positive foundations which have developed their learning and skills. This has given them the best possible start when it’s their time to be school ready. 
Tips for parents. 
Banana Moon considers every child as an individual, it is important parents consider this too. This is as children’s social, emotional and behavioural needs are to be identified and children’s delays identified will enable early intervention/advice to be established to support the children within these needs. 
School readiness encourages independence. Banana Moon encourages children’s fine motor skills to be developed through independence/self-care (dressing, toileting, eating and drinking). It is important you encourage this at home as it will enable further development within their gross motor skills through kicking balls, riding bikes and playing with interactive toys. 
Language development is a key component of school readiness. The staff at Banana Moon encourage positive communication through modelling language, demonstrating/explaining things, asking questions and showing/encouraging children positive interaction throughout the routine day as well as activities following their likes/intertest and future development. 

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