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What does the Journey to School mean ?

What does the Journey to School mean ?
1. Social and Emotional Preparation: Helping children develop the social and emotional skills needed to navigate new environments, make friends, and interact with teachers and peers in a school setting. Encouraging sharing, listening, and understanding skills.

 2. Academic Readiness: Introducing basic literacy, numeracy, and cognitive skills to provide a foundation for learning in school. For example, Ensuring children can recognize their names - is essential for being able to find their coat peg. 

3. Independence Building: Encouraging independence in tasks such as dressing themselves, following instructions, and managing personal belongings, which are essential for success in school. 

4. Familiarisation with School Routines: Introducing routines and structures similar to those found in school settings to help children become accustomed to the expectations and schedules of formal education. For example, this is done by sitting down with peers at meal times and self-serving lunches. 

5. Transition Support: Providing support and guidance to children and parents during the transition process, including information about school options, registration procedures, and tips for easing the adjustment to a new educational environment. Once we know where children are transitioning to we then contact the school and invite the teachers to allow them to become familiar with who they will be seeing at school. Overall, the “journey to school” in nursery settings emphasizes preparing children holistically for the next stage of their educational journey, ensuring they have the skills, confidence, and readiness to thrive in a school setting. 

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